How To Pay Your Order?

> Enter Check Out Page
> Filling in your delivery address information
> Click" Continue to payment" button
> Click" Complete order" button
> Waiting for seconds, you will see a pop-up
> Filling in your Credit Card information in the pop-up.
You will receive information once your payment is deducted successfully.

Why my order be void? And what should I do? 

On a regular, once your order is void, we will refund all money to you. And the credit card issuing bank also will inform you of the reason why your order is void. If you didn't receive any notification, there are 3 kinds of situations to explain it.
❗❗ DoNotHonorYour issuing bank or credit card company said 'DoNotHonor'. which results in we cannot deduct money. Please try to contact your issuing bank to apply for authorization. Because it is a cross-border payment, the bank will only authorize the deduction after receiving your instruction.
⏩Then please place a new order and we can deduct your payment successfully and fulfill your new order. 
❗❗High-Risk Transaction.Your order is determined as a high-risk transaction. Because it is a cross-border payment, our Risk Assessment System for making sure this transaction is initiate by yourself to prevent Credit fraud. 
⏩Then Please provide your Credit card photo (as the following photo shows) and send to us. And please Please place a new order.
❗❗InsufficientFunds. Your credit card haven't enough balance to pay the order amount, so please check your credit card balance or change another card.

What kind of Credit Card can I pay for?

Support Mastercard and VISA Card Payment