REWARD 1: Points Redeem 

1000 Points =10% off coupon
1000 Points=Free shipping coupon
100 Points = $1

Ways to earn

  • Place an order=10 Points for every $1 spent
  • Share on Facebook=100 Points
  • Share on Twitter=100 Points
  • Like on Facebook=100 Points
  • Sign up=100 Points 
  • Follow on Twitter= 200 Points
  • Follow on Instagram= 200 Points
Operation Guide

Step 1: Click The Right Bottom Icon

Step 2: Click "ways to earn"

Step 3: Click "share/like"

Step 4: After completing the above operations, you will see your total points here. Please refresh your network if the points haven't any changes.

REWARD 2: Referrals Rewards

Refer products to Your Friends And Get $10 Off Coupon, your friends will get coupon as well.

Ways to activate the reward

  • Share specified URL give to your friends, once your friends buy anything from our shop, you and your friends can get a $10 off coupon The coupon code will be sent to yours email.
Operation Guide

Step 1: Swipe down your screen and locate here, Click the location marked

Step 2: Copy your referral code then share to your friends by Facebook/Twitter/Email